Cooper and aluminum rain carrying system used for villa.
Provide professional slope roof abutment solution.
European top grade clay roof tile, make the fishing point of villa.
High quality material and service, shows beautiful insulation roofing system.>more
As strict corrosion standard, provide high quality wooden batten.

Roofing System Abutment project

Dry construction solution

Comparing with wet cement roofing, dryconstruction has excellent heat insulation capacity and well thermal insulation properties,which can effectively regulate the heat conduction of the roof and greatlyimprove the energy-saving effect of building.>more

Ventilation solution

Comparing with traditionalroofing, top flex has excellent heat insulation capacity and well thermalinsulation properties,which can effectively regulatethe heat conduction of the roof and greatly improve the energy-saving effect ofbuilding>more

Insulation solution

Energy-efficient construction is becoming increasingly important, although national requirements and customer needs are different, but they are all comes from prevents heat and cold loss and save energy. >more

Slope roof ridge abutment solution

Waterproofing as important as drainage, while handling valley of sloping roofs, construction workers can easily bend pre-pressed lines of aluminum valley to fit in V-shape of two sloping roofs.>more

Chimney abutment solution

The material is color aluminum, butyl adhesive; temperature tolerance: -40℃~100℃,meet DN52133 standard; Used for roofing abutment, for example roofing and gable, chimney and highlight.>more